Floors & Carpets

Stripping, Waxing, & Carpet Services

Shiny floors and clean carpets make a
huge impression on clients entering your business.

Stripping and Waxing Vinyl Floors

Revitalize Your Floors

Let us improve the looks of your office and add life to your old floors. You will not believe the difference when you return the next day!

Our Process

We start by stripping any old wax from your floors. After all of the wax is off, we wash the floors twice to ensure they are clean and ready to be sealed. We'll extract any water or dirt quickly and effeciently. Finally, we apply as many coats of the best wax available based on your request.

floor cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Add Life To Your Carpets

With proper care and maintenance the life of your carpeting can be extended for many years. Our professionals can add life to your carpet with periodic cleaning.

Our Process

We start by pre-soaking and applying spot remover to any existing stains and spots on your carpets. We follow our spot treatment with an application of the best carpet cleaners on the market. We finish by using highly effecient equipment and processes to extract dirt and water leaving your carpets looking and smelling great!

carpet cleaning